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  • Implement pow(a,b) without multiplication or division
    This is one type of very common interview question that is usually asked, where your goal is to implement some built-in language function, such as exponentiation, division, hash tables, etc. In this challenge we need to implement exponentiation, or raising a to some power of b which is usually written pow(a, b). In this variation of the challenge, we also need to implement a solution without using the multiplication or division operations, only addition and subtraction are allowed.

    Example of how pow(a, b) works

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    mrdaniel published this on 11/25/15 | math, Microsoft
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  • Using recursion and closure
    function pow(num, e) {
      let exponent;
      let value = num;
      function addup(outernum = num, iterate = 1) {
        if (iterate == e) {
        for (let counter = 1; counter < num; counter++) {
          value += outernum;
        exponent = value;
        return addup(value, iterate + 1);
    	return exponent;
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