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  • Bracket Combinations in Ruby - Tests failing
    I have submitted the following for the hard challenge Bracket Combinations, and it is failing a few tests for reasons I do not understand - because the output is correct. I tested against another user's code (who got all tests right), for example, when the input is 5, output should be 42 - my code does just that, but still fails this test. I think it has to do with the efficiency. It takes about 20 seconds for it to do it when num == 5. Can coderbyte not handle O(n^2) for these things? def BracketCombinations(num) return 0 if num == 0 return 1 if num == 1 o = "(" c = ")" arr = [] num.times do arr << o arr << c end # Now do permutations of all of them, then run them through an algorithm to see if it is valid. perms = arr.permutation.to_a.uniq! puts perms.count perms.keep_if{|x| valid?(x)}!(&:join).count end def valid?(arr) if arr.last == "(" || arr[0] == ")" return false end i = 0 arr.each do |parenthesis| if parenthesis == "(" i+=1 else i-=1 end if i < 0 return false end end return true end
    willashley23 posted this question on 5/24/16 | bracket, combinations, ruby
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