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  • Coding Minutes Challenge in Ruby
    This is all the code I had to write for this "easy" challenge. Is there a simpler way to do this? Should this be moved into the "medium" category? It seems markedly different from the remaining easy challenges. I was able to do it under 15 minutes but if you need to define methods to help keep the code readable wouldn't you say it's worthy of "medium" difficulty?
    #returns integers for the number of minutes passed from the beginning of the day
    #12:00AM = 0, 12:00PM = 720, 11:59PM = 1439
    def convert_to_minutes_passed(arr)
      str = arr.to_s
      #at this point we are being passed something like "12:30pm"
      #parse the string further -- break down into integers
      h, m = str.scan(/\w+/)
      pm = m.include?("p")   #this returns true if its pm, false if its am
      m = m.scan(/\d\d/).to_s 
      h = h.to_i
      m = m.to_i
      h = 0 if h == 12
      pm==false ? h*60 + m : h*60 + m + 720
    #this function takes into account rotations through the 12 hour cycle
    def convert_to_time(str)
        #parse the string into two seperate times
        time1, time2 = str.split('-')
        #convert the times to the numbers of minutes passed since midnight
        start_time = convert_to_minutes_passed(time1)
        end_time = convert_to_minutes_passed(time2)
        #now, we must account for rotations through the 12 hour clock cycle
        if end_time < start_time
           end_time += 1440
        return start_time, end_time
    def CountingMinutesI(str)
      start_time, end_time = convert_to_time(str)
      return end_time - start_time
    # keep this function call here 
    # to see how to enter arguments in Ruby scroll down   
    curriguy posted this question on 7/11/14 | ruby
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  • It looks like it has been correctly moved to medium though there are definitely other ways of doing it, personally I think using too many methods make it harder to read not easier. An alternate way of doing it.
    def CountingMinutes(str)
      time1, time2 = str.split("-")
      hours1, minutes1= time1.split(':')[0].to_i, time1.split(':')[1][0..-2].to_i
      hours2, minutes2= time2.split(':')[0].to_i, time2.split(':')[1][0..-2].to_i
      #if pm add 12 hours to time
      hours1 = hours1 + 12 if time1.include?('p')
      hours2 = hours2 + 12 if time2.include?('p')
      total = ((hours2-hours1) *60)+(minutes2 - minutes1)
      #if total is negative add 24 hours
      if total < 0
        total += 24*60
      #return total
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