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  • Counting Minutes: Help with code
    Hi everybody , could anyone help me with my code, I'm sure the code below is not the best method but I just begun programming. Thank you in advance and have a nice day
    function CountingMinutesI(str) { 
      // code goes here  
      var primhora = Number(str.slice(0,str.indexOf("-")-5))*60;
      var primhorapm = primhora *12; 
            if (str.slice(str.indexOf("-")-2,str.indexOf("-"))==="pm")
                         {return primhorapm}
                         {return primhora}
      var ultihora = Number(str.slice(str.indexOf("-")+1,str.length-5))*60;
      var ultimhorapm = ultihora*12;
        if ((str.slice(str.length-2,str.length))==="pm")
                        {return ultimhorapm}
                        {return ultihora}
      var priminu = Number(str.slice(str.indexOf(":")+1,str.indexOf("a"||"p")));
      var ultminu = Number(str.slice(str.length-4,str.length-2));
      var primera = (primhora||primhorapm) + priminu;
      var ultima = (ultihora ||ultimhorapm) + ultminu;
     return Math.abs(ultima-primera);
    ge00rge posted this question on 4/12/17 | counting, minutes, javascript
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  • Can you tell more about the input? Thanks!
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