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  • Find size of matrix in C++
    Hey, does someone know a easy to use library for C++ including a feature to find the size of matrixes easily. Thanks!
    TheErebos01 posted this question on 12/12/18 | matrix, library, cpp
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  • #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    int matrix [3][2];
    int rows=sizeof( matrix )/sizeof( matrix[0] );/* the first part is to count how many bytes should occupy in this (2D array) ,
    and the second is just how many bytes in the first row , if you divided them you'll get the number of rows of course */
    int columns =sizeof( matrix[0] )/sizeof( matrix[0][0] );/* the first part is just the same as before but you should divided it by
    the number of the bytes of each location "ex: the first location" , to get the number of columns in the matrix */
    // there is many ways you can express the same idea , good luck .
    return 0;
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