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  • Is Java Dying?
    I've been an Enterprise Java developer for 22 years (I started with Java v1.0.1 in 1996 -- about one year after Java was officially released). Ten years ago, if had come to a programming site like "Coderbyte", there would have been an overwhelming number of Java developers, but now as I look around here, Java seems to be in the minority. My question is: Is Java dying? If so, what do you all think will become it's eventual replacement? If you used to be a Java developer, but no longer are, in what language do you currently code?
    DeviousBard posted this question on 9/19/18 | java, developer
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  • No, in my opinion Java is not dying. Here are some of the main reasons: Java is currently faster, lighter and much stable a technology as compared to other newer languages like Python and Ruby. Java is a legacy lion. Enterprise players like IBM, Google and some others still have a good percentage of their applications and systems in Java. Android is Java. App development for the Android OS is completely done in Java. Popularity of the Android Platform, the number of Android Apps and Android App Developers in increasing at an amazing pace. Java has allies. The Scala programming language runs on the JVM, and Java and Scala classes are easily interoperable. Python and Ruby can be used in combination with Java using Jython and JRuby respectively. Strong and Large community. Since Java has been around for many years now, the number of experienced Java programmers is very large, making the Java community a strong and reliable one.
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