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  • JavaScript for Desktop or Mobile Apps?
    I am very interested in learning JavaScript. But JavaScript is mostly used in Web Development. But I also want to be a Mobile App Developer. Can I use JavaScript for developing mobile apps or Desktop applications?
    7rabin posted this question on 12/22/18 | javascript, mobile, desktop
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  • HI 7rabin ,Many technologies use javascript language Ex- for server plateform node js use javascript/Typescript,almost all UI framework use javascript/ angular js ,reactjs/native and many more It is not only for web application If u want to work on application and use choosing some technology like angularjs/reactNative/Vuejs they use javascript/Typescript language For backend web server like nodejs use js/ts, Even some database like pouchdb written in js and also In couchdb use js for query So learn javascript it will help you for developing mobile /desktop application best of luck!!!
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