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  • Maximising Employability in C++
    Hi there, I have a degree in general engineering (a small part of which included programming). Over the last few months, I've been revising C++ and working through some of the Coderbyte questions (which I've found very helpful). I intend to keep working on the questions available on Coderbyte, and I was wondering what else I can do in parallel to this to make myself as employable as possible. I guess some kind of small to medium size programming project, but I'm not sure what to tackle (in terms of what employers would find interesting). I've heard that the Unreal 4 API has an option to code in C++. Would this be a good place to start? Any other inspired ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have. :)
    Ricarus posted this question on 12/22/18 | cpp, jobs
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