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  • What can I do with Ruby
    I've been learning to code in ruby, but I just cant seem to figure out what to use it for other than just some simple tasks. So I was wondering if anybody could give me some tips on what to develop with Ruby preferably web apps or some graphical stuff. Thanks.
    stupidpixels posted this question on 6/18/14 | ruby, rails, web
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  • There's an open source web framework called "RAILS" that runs on ruby. By first learning ruby...then learning will be able to create powerful web applications quickly and (relatively) simply. You will also need to pick up a few additional languages along the way too though: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some SQL will all help. To give you some examples, twitter, kickstarter, and pinterest were all built with ruby on rails.
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  • Rails is most commonly noted when people ask what you can do with Ruby. Ruby is really fun to use and can do a lot of awesome stuff, but in the western world you mostly hear about Rails. If you want to learn it, go here: Best resource for learning Rails (and web development in general.) That includes formal education.
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  • First off i do not program in Ruby, but alot of my friends are, and i know they've used similar articles and suggestions. I would first off suggest you read this link: Then, visit this site, which is referred to in the previous article: This should give you a fair pointer :D good luck and have fun!
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