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  • What Math do I need in order to become a better programmer?
    Hey folks, What are the principles of Mathematics that I need in order to become a better programmer? Most of the people are saying that it's important to be so good at Math in order to be good at programming, so any helpful ways, tips, share your perspective.
    AyaAbdelmoghith posted this question on 7/9/18 | math, coding
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  • I've been graduated from college for 29 years now (which on a side note cost me a total of about $20,000 -- for ALL FOUR YEARS). I graduated with a BA in a combined major of Math/Computer Science. I found that most of my CS classes were ALL the same (They all required you to "Write a payroll progam..." or "Write a grade book program..."). I learned very litte from writing programs like that. Then in my junior year, I took two classes -- "Numerical Analysis I & II". These were the BEST classes I ever had for programming. If you don't know what Numerical Analysis ( is, it's basically, using algorithms to solve algebra and calculus problems (things like solving systems of linear equations, differentiating, integrating, or connecting two line segments with a smooth curve). Implementing the algorithms required a lot of critical thinking, and it really helped in understanding basic data structures like looping, recursion, and array manipulation, in ways that were never exercised with the overly simplified programming problems given in the basic CS classes. Solving many of the challenges here on Coderbyte reminded me a lot of the work I did in Numercal Analysis. I think that's why I like doing the challenges so much :)
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  • Good afternoon, I will just share my thoughts, not considering that is an imperative knowledge among the programming community. I think that having the knowledge of Mathematics concepts (advanced or not) it's very important for programmers, but it's not a necessity. It's more important to track and manipulate objects and variables as they are sorted, incremented or sent by a service than it is to apply advanced Mathematics. If you focus you're programming skills to Mathematics programs, I think you have to study some principles of Mathematics. That's a easy one. I've developed Fatorial programs, implemented Pythagorean Theorem, and other Mathematics related programs. In that way, I can see it's effective to have knowledge about the topics. But only in that case. People keep saying it's important to be good at Math because Math trains your brain to deal with numbers. You will deal with numbers in almost every thing you do in programming, even if it's a simple for loop or an array of strings of digits. As I have mentioned before, it's just my thoughts. I don't think everyone have the same opinion. It depends of the experience of the person.
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  • Hi !! To my opinion, it's all about getting interested into a subject. When I was in college, Maths were just boring me, or is it just about the teacher ...Well, dunnow, but I know now that I love discovering, or rediscovering the Maths I was or wasn't failing into during this past. In the meanwhile, I worked for 15 years as a programming engineer, and I gained my Master level thanks to evening courses, a good french school by the way. Why I couldn't start my career like others and studying continuously was my path, struggling to get awarded later anyway was my fight... And what I'm proud to say naw is that whatever you get challenged into, you don't need no background: because the challenge is up to you, the challenge is your motivation to get into such specific case, to get involved in the trickyness of the world, just because it is starting to tickle YOUR interest, right here, right now, because suddenly, you're in love with it, and it's like a love a 1rst sight !!!! Good one for Numerical Analysis.... I would also try more generic graph theory articles, stuffs about time complexity, see MIT courses: Regards !
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