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  • What to learn in order to be fully equipped for a competitive programming contest?
    I'm going to be in a programming contest in about 12 months, and I am starting to prepare for it today. I'm going to solve as much questions as I can in this period, but I keep stumbling upon questions where I take hours to solve, or sometimes I don't even find a solution that matches the time limit. So what do I need to be equipped to handle any question? I don't even know algorithms and data structures, so should I start with that? Anyone willing to give me a good book or a source for it? I'm using C++. Thank you very much for your help. Very much appreciated.
    HamzaM posted this question on 10/9/18 | competitive, programming, contest
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  • Here is an article I think will help you prepare in regards to algorithms and data structures:
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