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Use this and you will improve and gain confidence. This applies even if you are already a programmer. The training videos are really high quality.
I love Coderbyte because it had one of the most simple and intuitive UX's. I loved the instant feedback, being able to see my ranking, as well as other users' solutions.
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Medium - 120,000+ solutions

Have the function BracketMatcher(str) take the str parameter being passed and return 1 if the brackets are correctly matched and each one is accounted...

Medium - 11,000+ solutions

Have the function TreeConstructor(strArr) take the array of strings stored in strArr, which will contain pairs of integers in the following format: (i1,i2), where i1 represents...

Easy - 140,000+ solutions

Have the function LongestWord(sen) take the sen parameter being passed and return the longest word in the string. If there are two or more words...

Easy - 23,000+ solutions

Have the function QuestionsMarks(str) take the str string parameter and check if there are exactly 3 question marks between every pair of two numbers that add up to 10...

Interview kits

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5+ articles - 30+ challenges
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