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  • What is a technical assessment platform?

    A technical assessment platform, also known as code screening, helps talent acquisition teams, technical recruiting, and engineering leaders qualify talent for different technical roles. Coderbyte has built-in assessments for various roles, but you can also create your own to assess various roles, such as front-end developers, back-end developers, DevOps, data scientists, and mobile engineers. Technical assessments are a scalable and unbiased method for qualifying talent in your recruiting pipeline before bringing candidates onsite for an interview.

  • Can any organization use a technical assessment platform?

    Yes, any organization, regardless of size, can create and use a technical assessment platform. Our platform is the easiest and most affordable way for non-technical talent acquisition teams to objectively measure a candidates technical skills.

  • What roles and skills can I test for on Coderbyte?

    You can see all the roles and technologies you can test for on our platform here. We offer more than 300 challenges, many of which are exclusive to our premium plans and can't be found anywhere else online by talent acquisition teams or developers.

  • How is Coderbyte different than other assessment platforms?

    Coderbyte was built for tech-forward organizations that value the candidate experience and prefer a self-service user experience. You can see a more detailed comparison here.

  • How are developers scored and ranked on Coderbyte?

    When candidates solve challenges on Coderbyte, their solutions are tested against a set of test cases. You can read more about our grading here.

  • How do you create an effective technical assessment that screens for qualified candidates?

    To help you create useful, effective, and unbiased assessments, Coderbyte offers a set of assessment templates where you can simply select the role and skill level that you're hiring for, and an assessment will be dynamically created for you. Once it's created, you can modify the challenges, add your own questions, upload your own coding challenges, and modify the assessment settings as well. You can also track the rate at which candidates are qualifying to match your requirements and interview bandwidth.