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The industry’s #1 code assessment platform for screening, interviews, and take-home projects.
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Supercharge your remote and in-person technical hiring with three world-class capabilities for the price of one.


Challenges & questions with automated grading

Select from 2,000+ challenges and our library of questions to create assessments for any technical role in minutes. Pick from one of our templates or automate your existing process using our library of challenges and skill-based questions.


Live code pairing

Conduct remote, real-time interviews and code-pairing with candidates in a live programming environment. Create lightweight interview templates and simulate whiteboarding sessions with top candidates.


Real-world take-home assignments

Offer your top candidates take-home projects to generate deeper insight as a final step in the interview process. Create your own real-world assignments that you can view, run, and analyze on the web via our integration with GitHub.

Candidates love our coding experience.

Don't just take our word for it. Have your engineers test our sample assessments themselves.

Easily create assessments to test candidates in 100+ languages & skills.

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Easily create skill assessments from our libary of questions and get video responses from candidates.

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Library of real-world take-home projects inspired by FAANG and leading technology companies.

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We combined the industry's top candidate experience with the best cheating detection.

Our code editor has a built-in capability to browse developer resources so that candidates never need to leave our editor when taking an assessment. Our reports enable you to gain a deeper understanding of how a candidate thinks, troubleshoots, and codes.

950+ companies have switched from
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Lonnie M
Expert Panel Contributor

Not only do we love the platform, so do all our engineers. Coderbyte is cost-effective and delivers incredible ROI to our fast-growing business with over 70 senior level engineers working with the top tech companies.

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Yair Aviner
Engineering Manager, Feedback Loop

We have a very modern tech stack. Our core services and UIs are built using TypeScript, Node, and Vue. We use PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis. Coderbyte has challenges and assessments for each.

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Unlimited admins

Unlimited assessments

Unlimited candidates ?

14-day free trial

Pay-per-candidate plan ?


2,000+ challenges ?

Multiple choice & open-ended ?

Cheating detection ?

Google search embedded ?

Candidate video responses ?


Whiteboarding ?

Code playback

Video/audio chat ?

Challenge library & test cases ?

Custom SQL tables ?


GitHub integration ?

Custom, open-ended tasks

Manage candidate submissions

Compensate your candidates ?


Shareable candidate reports ?

Scores and benchmarking ?

Plagiarism score ?

Code playback ?

Code complexity & runtime


Workspaces and permissions ?

Read-only users ?

Data stored in the U.S.

Single sign-on (SSO) ?


Custom welcome templates

Custom email templates

Custom interview templates

Custom challenges and tasks


API access & ATS integrations ?

Custom branding and subdomain ?

CSV data export

Live chat with CEO

Flexible pricing so you only pay for features you need.

Unlike other platforms, we don’t have exorbitant costs to pass on to our customers. Our 90% margins are your 90% savings.